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Restaurant @ Silver Legacy Resort Casino
During the first night of my stay (Monday 6-25-18) the fire alarm went off, thus making everyone from about floor 26-36 to walk down the stairwells, which is fine. However when we arrived outside there was no hotel staff or emergency staff present to direct the guests what do to. We all stood on the corner clueless for 20 min. We finally went to the front desk and it seemed that nobody cared that we were outside, or even knew about the alarm. We spoke with the night security manager, he spoke with "Dan", I suppose he's the general night manager? Anyway, they said that we could get our first night payed for, also, that the day manager would contact us the next day about the night being paid for. On Wednesday I still had not heard from anyone, I talked to another manager at the front desk around 7:00 pm. She said the information had gone to the "risk manager" and still no reply. She said that she'd personally take off my first night's charge. She said that I needed to do nothing, that it would be taken off my final bill. However, NOTHING happened in regards to the free night! We were promised by 3 managers and still I paid for EVERY night! This is such a letdown about management of the hotel. I'd like to be informed on when a refund should be expected for the first night. Again, this was promised by 3 managers!