Bourbon's Bourbon's
Restaurant @ Ameristar Casino Hotel - Council Bluffs
"Tony Gorsek"
My wife and I are at the Crab Buffet the other night. The buffet had a variety of options and most of what I tried was really good. The crab was good, crawdads were good, mussels were good, dessert (chocolate pie) was good. The prime rib left a lot to be desired, was similar in taste and texture to Thanksgiving pork. One complaint: they didn't have the nut cracker that most Crab Buffets provide for opening shells. All they had were the plastic tools that have a flat edge and a sharp edge. I guess too many of the Shell crackers were stolen? Most of the time this was not an issue but for the crab claws that have a thicker shell it made for a challenge. For a buffet that sets you back almost $40 they should be able to replace lost/stolen materials.