Infinity Buffet Infinity Buffet
Restaurant @ Treasure Bay Casino and Hotel
"Michelle Finley"
Two stars, one for the snow crabs and 1 for the dungeness crabs.Snow and dungeness crabs were delicious , however everything else was not very good. Mac and Cheese was mushy. The chicken was fried extra, extra, extra, crispy, there were not many selections, red beans and rice with sausage had little to no flavor, rice was hard, $79 for 2 adults and 2 kids. I don't mind the price, but if I'm paying that much I prefer my food to be at least edible. The breakfast was even worse. All of the meats were super salty. The grits were very lumpy, biscuits were pretty good, hash brown casserole was moist but crunchy, cinnamon roll hard, Ham was too hard for my kid to chew and the bacon had an almost lighter fluid taste. Don't waste your time unless you really want crab only! On a positive note the staff were very nice.