The Cheesecake Factory The Cheesecake Factory
Restaurant @ Maryland Live! Casino
"Jeff L"
Ill start with the good. The food was surprisingly good. Was shocked when it finally came out of the kitchen. Which leads into the bad... It took forever for us to get it. The place was empty at the time. Our server took our order and 10 minutes later had to come back and ask for what my wife had ordered again. He hadn't even put it in the system yet. The service here is TERRIBLE. I watched as our server helped another table several times before coming back to us which was very scarce to begin with. I ended up having to grab a passing staff member for help with getting our check and actually paying it. The only plus was that he was very polite. The booth we sat down at was smelly and the table was very sticky. I wiped it down myself with some wet wipes we had but didn't seem to change anything. I hope they do something about the staff here they have really good food. Reading other reviews it seems to be a trend here unfortunately.