The Deli The Deli
Restaurant @ Isleta Resort & Casino
"James Moore"
I eat here about four times a week, and they have Starbucks coffee for only $1! I get their coffee daily, and they have a buffet for $6 which is great. The current owners of this place are awesome, and are very hospitable. The mother works in there with her sons which is very sweet, and always offers me free sample of Middle Eastern food, which I always take of course. The food here is amazing, as I have tried all their sandwiches. I typically don't leave reviews unless I am very pleased(or displeased), but had to leave one for this restaurant. My father worked in the Middle East for awhile, and I lived there with him, so I know my food from that part of the world, and I have to say this place is the best Middle Eastern restaurant in town, and the prices are reasonable. I have been all over the world, but I have never seen Starbucks coffee for only a $1, except for here! This place is surprisingly never packed for some reason when I am there, so I consider it one of Albuquerque's hidden great restaurants. I you're looking for healthy, great, and reasonably priced food, go there.