Wazuzu Wazuzu
Restaurant @ Encore Resort
"sid carlsen"
Wazuzu is one of my favorite restaurants in Las Vegas. It's open late and has a great atmosphere. By late, I mean 1AM on the weekends. The food is always exceptionally tasty. My favorite dish from here is the chicken curry and coconut crepe for something a little sweeter. I also like the drunken noodles. They have different spice levels, ranging from 1 to 5. I usually get 3 and it's a little spicy but not too overwhelming. Portions are pretty reasonable. Sometimes I can share my chicken curry with another person and sometimes when I'm really hungry, I can finish the dish on my own. The decor inside here is top class, as are most of the restaurants in Wynn/Encore. A great stop to eat at if you're around the area!