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Restaurant @ Isle of Capri Casino - Kansas City
"Taylor Trout"
Two for two on terrible service, slow food, and horrible attitudes. If i could give less than one star I would! Last time I was here, the waitress (same one as today) didn't order my food correctly. They brought a side salad with no protein instead of the large grilled chicken salad I ordered, this was on top of waiting for more than 45 minutes for that. Today my husband ordered an appetizer, it came out after our soups and salads. Our food took an hour to come out, even when we got our food my family didn't get to eat together. Our food sat in the window for 15-20 minutes as our waitress continued to walk by it. When we asked another server where our food was, our waitress came back by and dropped half of it off and said in a rude tone, I was waiting on the shrimp. Before my husband got his dinner, he asked her to bring tartar sauce with it. He got his dinner, no tartar sauce. He looked up to ask for the sauce, she was already walking away and heard him ask for it. When she dropped it off, my mom asked for a new baked potato because it wasn't hot, and said her fish wasn't hot either. The waitress took the plate and said, I'll just get you a new one in a rude tone as well as making a displeasing sigh. A manager came to our table, fixed the problems and apologized . When the waitress brought my mom's new fish, the conversation was Waitress- I'm sorry about today Me- it's ok. W- no it's not. M- I know it's not, I was a manager at a different restaurant, but every restaurant has bad days . W- it's not just been today, it's been like this for more than a month. M- talk to your manager about it. W- they know. It's pretty bad when a waitress has to do a cooks job. M- then it boils down to attitudes. At this point I walked away. This is the absolute worst experience I have ever had at a restaurant! I recommend you pass by instead of going inside. No matter how bad it may be, an employee should NEVER degrade the business they work for. I would have overlooked the rest, because like I said, every restaurant has its bad days. When she decided to degrade her place of employment, I decided that I wouldn't try it again. If they are going to employ individuals that do not care whether or not they drive away customers, why should I give them another chance?