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Jul 5 '18 at 23:44

YouKnowMe NightHawk

Buffalo Run Casino

YouKnowMe NightHawk
Bring an umbrella, practically rains money in here! Compared to other casinos this is the place to play. Maybe not always be a jackpot but for a place to set, play and relax, your hard earned money will last longer here than anywhere else by far. I don't expect to win every single visit and their business model probably ain't set up to work that way but whatever your budget is usually you will get more enjoyment value per dollar here than at any other casino around. All casinos are smokey, its just the way it is, but if that is an issue for you as it is for me you'll find that the environment and air quality is managed better here than any other place. Some casinos don't care about this at all and if I leave feeling like an ash tray they don't get another nickle from me. Its not perfect here and no casino is but its about as tolerable as your gonna find.