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Jul 4 '18 at 20:27


Bonnie Hughes
I'm sad placing this review... I've reviewed Aspens before with an enthusiastic 5*'s!! We ate dinner there last evening, the restaurant was only semi-busy. We were seated right away by a pleasant hostess. Sat for over 10min before offered anything to drink, bread was brought... good, love the dips. Our waitress disappeared after "giving us time to decide our dinner", she offered no descriptions of food or suggestions... although answered questions. After 17min, she came back for our order, we actually added an appetizer, which she never offered. Waited another 12min for soup and salad. The food runner was very pleasant. No server in site, another couple across the room obviously looking for the same server. Our entree/app presented together. App: temp cold, mushrooms raw, holandaise practically missing, in the past temp was cooked & hot. Ate 1 between the 2 of us... Expressed disappointment when the waitress came back, quickly picked up the plate & said she would remove it from the bill. Never offering to replace them. Which we would've preferred... Entrees: Shrimp flavorful & tasty, although just warm, garlic mashed excellent, brussel sprouts good, very small portion. Steak, cooked perfect MR, seasoned well, New Orleans shrimp was gross...very small size w/only seasonings in butter, baked potato, ok, corn-on-the-cob, bland... Waitress made a fly-by, after another many min wait, my husband went out to gamble and I asked her to pack-up our meal for us to take home... This is one of the most expensive places in town. Our bill was $90, for 2 with app removed. Shouldn't we expect and receive better service and HOT food?? She did keep bar drinks re-filled... but the difference since the last time we went is striking... portions smaller, waitress distracted at best, temperatures off (chef or waitress fault, I dont know). My husband works many hours, I'm sad we didnt enjoy our date night because employees didnt care enough and I feel badly we spent so much money only to be disappointed. I attempted to call last night and today to speak with a manager... last night I held for 5min+, today no one is answering the phone...