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"Syed Ali"
I went for a work function for three days. I was given a room with two beds; one of which smelled of perfume and had lipstick on the bedding. The bathroom had a brown/red smudge on the light switch. At about midnight on one of the nights, two drunk women were able to access my room using a key. I called front desk to let them know they had issued keys to my room. The front desk associate replied that it was not her fault and someone else must have done it. I was told to use the deadbolt so this would not happen again. This is a security concern for two reasons: 1) My work equipment was in the room. Had I not been there, this could have been stolen. 2) Imagine if two drunk men had walked in on a naked woman as she was sleeping -- then the hotel employee simply said "well that doesn't sound good but it's at least not my fault." I tried to contact the management to let them know if these issues but have not received a reply. If you have the option of staying here, don't. You would be safer living out of a car for three days.