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Jul 5 '18 at 1:44

Steve Kronholm

Steve Kronholm
Since retiring two years ago & traveling in the Southwest, we had the opportunity to visit many casinos. Some had the most beautiful architecture, cultural exhibits, scenery, food & general entertainment besides games of chance. The positives of the Clearwater Casino to me are few. I enjoyed their pool table which was free as was the diet sodas I drink tipping generously for the service. Now they have jammed old machines up next to the pool table which sucks. There is a nice lounge where one can read a free local paper. However, the slots are the tightest I've encountered, the service a bit sketchy at times other than Daniel who always has a smile on his face while giving extra care to gamblers. Not many of other employees smile or seem welcoming. If you do not stay at the hotel, you do not have access to WiFi, and access to the internet is generally poor. For the $$ they make, one would think the food quality would improve & employees sent to the same place Coeur d Alene Casino sends theirs to learn how to treat people, especially the ones who are spending their money there. So, I go there occasionally, shoot a bit of pool, waste a little money & time. Just wish my experience there would get better not worse.