Plaza Downtown Grill
Restaurant @ Plaza Hotel and Casino
"Gus Matamoros"
This place has the worst service ever!! The menu has 1 price and the register has a different price according to the employee there by the name of (Martha) . When I asked her why is it different she stated that the owner doesn’t tell them when the menu changes so she goes based of the register.. I told her that how can she be charging us different that what the menu says.. Martha was very unprofessional and stated that she can’t do anything and it is what it is... when I asked to speak to someone above her she stated that there was no one else... To all customers that go there I would think twice before giving your money to Zabas.. Martha couldn’t even apologize for her behavior and when I told her that is customer is what pays her salary she stated “No you don’t cause she pays taxes here too and that she pays my salary as well.. I responded by saying, “NO YOU DON’T because I’m from California so you don’t pay for mine.... This lady had the WORST customer service I’ve ever dealt with here in Vegas (Plaza hotel and casino).. My start of the day and this lady already spoiled it for me... This place (Zaba’s) is 1 place I will never go to again!!! And I hope other customers learn from this review.. She also thought I didn’t speak or understood Spanish that when my wife that is white, walked away she started to make comments to her co workers and I over heard and had to go complain to her again and tell her that she needs to watch what she says because I understand and speak Spanish and I didn’t appreciate her comments towards my wife.... VERRY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 All I wanted to hear from her mouth would have been “I’m sorry for the inconvenience”.. BUT YET she couldn’t even say that... and would had probably been ok... very poorly managed...😡😡😡