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Jun 4 '18 at 18:25


The Pacific Theater in Lakewood is really great place to go weather if you're by yourself, or with family or friends. Very convenient showtimes I can be late in the morning or late in the afternoon Eve or night. There's a tip for you guys if you are a student. I would recommend you to go on Tuesdays since they have 50% discount. Meaning instead of paying $12 for your movie ticket you'll pay $6 Which is a really good deal it be in any movie released. I guess you have to pay a bit more extra if you're trying to watch 3D but i guess it's normally .$6, that's pretty good seal. Also if you get that craving of a snack then if you are a student you are in luck. Just show your ID and you will get a discount on the popcorn.  their Selections in food are hot dogs, popcorn, soda, candy, and nachos. Allow there is great security outside and inside the movie theater. Also if you get confused between which movie stall you are in just ask one of the security guard and they will address you to the right place.The bathrooms are really clean there is toilet paper not like other places.