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Jul 4 '18 at 17:16

Jeffrey Gouse

Jeffrey Gouse
This review concerns the Cranberry Island cruise with 45 minute stop at Islesford. Let me begin by saying that our Acadia National Park ranger, Nate, was very friendly and personable, and he clearly enjoys the job. However, I took this exact same cruise back in 2014. Back then, it was not led by a park ranger but rather by a local captain. I'm not sure when or why this transition happened, but it was not for the better. Having a local giving the tour resulted in much more engaging, detailed, and accurate information on our tour. While he had plenty of information to impart, there were several points where I knew his information was inaccurate. One example that comes to mind is regarding where a person with a commercial fishing license can fish in Maine. Nate said "I believe anywhere in Maine", but on the cruise I took two days prior (Island Cruises), I'd learned that there are specific zone restrictions--and considering that information came from a licensed Maine lobster fisherman, I'm going to err on his side. The boat was very comfortable, the scenery beautiful, and the time in Islesford was an interesting (if brief) glimpse at island life in Maine--but I can't help but feel that this cruise is a watered-down, commercialized version of what it used to be. I would personally recommend Island Cruises in Bass Harbor if you're looking for a more uniquely Maine experience.