Flamingo Food Court Flamingo Food Court
Restaurant @ Flamingo Las Vegas
"Scott Cmiel"
This casino is very fun to play at. We spent most of our time at the bar because we had a very cool bartender who kept our drinks full. If you're looking for a casino that's very low key and with low minimums on bets I would recommend the Fremont. It seems like a lot of locals visit this casino and they have a lot of drink specials. I won quite a bit at the roulette table and my buddy did pretty good at the craps table. They have a really good buffet called The Paradise Buffet. Not pricey and also not the best buffet but for the money, it's worth it. They have all the favorites you want and the desserts are really good. So if you ever by downtown Vegas. I recommend you stop by the Fremont to get some good food, cheap drinks, and try to win some money.