The Kitchen Buffet and Bistro
Restaurant @ Lumiere Place
"Karen Capps"
Horrible. The service was bad we wait for 45 minutes to get seated, that's after we waited to get are ticket for the buffet. There was ice cream on the carpet, one customer slipped and almost fell, two hostesses watched her and did nothing, a customer pointed it out the hostesses did nothing finally a customer took some napkins and covered up the ice cream and still the two hostesses did NOTHING. When they took us to the room on the left it was empty NO CUSTOMERS were in there. Yet other people were still waiting. Went to get food the counter for the buffet was slopped with food, the gravy was jelled, they was food floating in see of the sauces, the room had napkins, food and flatware on the floor. Asked an employee for a napkin to dry a plate because they were wet and was told very snottily she had none. One employee actual took her shoe off and adjusted her sock while wearing her gloves, never changed them afterwards. Three employees were behind a half wall talking and on their cell phones. The food was not that good. Even for free I have no desire to go there again. On a scale from one to ten I would not give them a one. I had to give one star to post