staci matheson
Pit River Casino
Burney, California
"staci matheson"
Went over tonight @ 10:30..... they close @ 12:00. So over there for a hour & half. In that short of time i lost $260. Im not a max better, just one up from minimum bet. .80 - $1 bet. I played one machine, after $130, it did NOT go into the bonus once. Played the leopardcon machine, betting $1.20. It went into bonus 2 times & gave the most of $10.20 out of 8 spins........ WAY TO TIGHT..... haven't won anything there for a long time....... The ONLYbest damn machine there is the ATM, (which charges a ridiculous $3.50 for their service, the most i've ever seen, yet). Can't even go kick it for a bit, in this little town & have fun, without spending a fortune!!!! Time to boycott this place for a good long time!!!!😡🤬😡🤬😡🤬 !!!!!