The Coffee Shop The Coffee Shop
Restaurant @ The Atlantic Club
"Melanie Tam"
Teplitzky's is a good option if you're staying at the Chelsea since it's inside the hotel. I'm guessing most of their clientele are either guests of the Chelsea, or surrounding hotels. It's almost at the end of the boardwalk so I doubt anyone is coming all the way from say, Caesar's just to come here. I saw a sign advertising an early bird special for $5.99 but it's only from 7 am - 9 am and really, who is up that early after a night in AC? (Unless you haven't slept yet, then that's a different story). If you can't make it for the special, they have a good variety of brunch options, but I wasn't feeling any of the items. So I opted for a crispy chicken wrap, which I enjoyed. All sammies come with your choice of a side salad, or fries. I did the salad and I liked that everything was chopped into small pieces - like they actually put some effort into it and didn't just pour you some salad from a bag. My boyfriend ordered some omelette and it looked way overcooked. Did not look appetizing at all so I didn't bother trying it. I did however, want a bite of his hash browns and when I went to get it, I found a hair! Or at least what I thought it was hair. We flagged it to our waiter and he said it was actually a piece of plastic. Not sure which is better but I guess I would prefer the plastic. He threw it out and made a new dish pretty quickly (pretty sure he just stole the order from a different table who was about to get that same dish but oh well, not complaining) Last but not least, if you're looking for a bit of hair of the dog, they've got some breakfast cocktails too. We opted out though, and I just went with the bottomless coffee, which was surprisingly some pretty good coffee! Tip - check into the Chelsea for 50% off an entree, or check into Teplitzky for $5 off your bill (which comes out to be around the same discount)