Justin Nash
Grand Lake Casino Grand Lake Casino
Grove, Oklahoma
"Justin Nash"
Will never return to this casino, by far was the worst first casino experience ever. To start off the floor bartender Jennifer was by far the snootiest person I have ever met! My family ordered a drink for me, she came to bring the drinks and handed me another cocktail when I already had one in my hand. We need up having 4 drinks when we needed 3, after she handed me the second drink she realized it was illegal to provide a second alcoholic beverage when one is already in hand. She continued to repeat “I need one drink back” over and over again while I was trying to figure which went where to give her the proper drink back. She snatched the drink out of our hands and walked away whipping her hair and walking away with attitude beyond belief. I then walked to the bar to speak with someone about this incident and Jennifer was at the bar while I was taking to another bartender about the situation, she walked up and in a sarcastic voice told me she would be happy to grab a manager. When the manager Dominik came out all he had to say was that’s the law and she was acting accordingly. I tried to explain the attitude and disrespect she showed to my mom, dad, and I. He just smirked while looking at the female bartender. Needless to say nothing was acted upon and they blamed ME the customer that comes to spend all my money here. If you like to go to a casino to drink and have fun, I would stay far away from this floor as their staff is rude and nasty. Will never return to this location, might as well go to anothe Ameristar location cause this is a waste of a trip. Unless you like servers harassing you, then this is the place to play!