Thunder Cafe Thunder Cafe
Restaurant @ Thunder Valley Casino Resort
"Jackie Smith"
The casino is very large compared to other casinos here in Northern California! Not many games here let you bet under 40 cents per spin. The food court was nice for a variety of food options, but I asked if there were free fountain sodas on the floor and was told no. That is unusual for this area! We had to stop several different staff for directions to locations inside the resort, and rarely was anybody able to help us find the places where we were going! Finally, our main reason for coming here to see a show! We somehow missed when buying tickets that the show was outdoors! This place is out in the middle of miles of agricultural land and the bugs at dusk are horrendous! There was a group of people standing off to the side near the front of the stage smoking and talking very loudly! We were in the fifth row and on the very end of the aisle and I really had a hard time hearing the comedian on stage because there was so much chatter around me! Those are premium seats and I expected a fairly good experience! There was an extremely drunk man right in front of us that wouldn't stop talking! Someone in my row asked him to quiet down a couple times and finally asked security for help, but security wouldn't do anything. They wouldn't even ask him to be quiet! Overall, I was really disappointed with the entire experience! I expected an enjoyable show, and even though the comedian was great, there were so many small details that could have been done to ensure we had an excellent experience, and I left a bit disappointed (and with several bug bites on my legs!).