Ling & Louie's Ling & Louie's
Restaurant @ Wild Horse Pass Hotel & Casino
"Krista Hensley"
I've eaten here before and the food is fine. But, today was a horrible experience. We just checked out of the hotel, we had two suites for my birthday and on the way out of the hotel we decided to stop to eat. We had a birthday cake still in the box and didn't want to leave it in the car since it's so hot out. The manager said we couldn't bring the cake in, we didn't want to eat the cake there and told them they could hold it at the bar, or at the hostess stand if it was that big of a deal. Nope, wouldn't do either. Would rather make us throw the cake out or ruin it in the car. The manager tried to use some bull AZ health code, which I know for a fact is not true. We ended up leaving and will not be coming back. That is no way to treat people who just spent a lot of money at your hotel/casino, especially on someone's birthday.