Heather Temple
Ameristar Casino Hotel - Kansas City Ameristar Casino Hotel - Kansas City
Kansas City, Missouri
"Heather Temple"
We are on vacation from Alaska and this is our second visit to the Ameristar hotel, our first was 3 years ago. When we entered KidsQuest we were told that since we had been here before (again 3 years ago, and never notified we would need to bring immunization records for next time), our kids could not come to your facility. I was told that they could call their supervisor, but they know she would say no. I understand and believe in immunizing your child, and ours are by the way, but bringing immunization records when you visit a vacation resort is typically not a priority item. Needless to say, our kids were crying, and now we will not be gambling at this resort, which we intended to do for a couple of hours. We will not come here again, since the whole reason we came back was for the activities for our kids, and so that we could have fun as well in the casino. We will also not recommend this resort to any of our friends and family who live in Nebraska, Iowa, and Missouri. I looked at both the Ameristar website, and the KidsQuest website, and it is not visible that this is a rule, otherwise I would have brought these down from Alaska. We went to the front desk, and they called a supervisor, and we were told that since KidsQuest is outsourced there was nothing they could do. Although I understand what outsourcing is, Ameristar chooses to advertise KidsQuest as a perk or option as a family resort, so you are ultimately responsible for issues with this facility, and should take responsibility to insure this does not happen again in the future, which affects your future revenue. I am extremely disappointed in your inability to be flexible and help your customers, especially since it was so long ago since we were here last.