Robbie Wajda
Barcel� Playa Tambor Resort & Casino Barcel� Playa Tambor Resort & Casino
Tambor Puntarenas
"Robbie Wajda"
[IMPORTANT: Please read the following paragraph first.] For starters, they are not benefiting the planet. They constantly use plastic cups and straws. There are no recycling bins, just trash bins. This is one major issue that's occurring global wise. Not to mention, you can find tons of plastic straws and cups laid out across the beach. This is causing major damage to the earth and the wildlife within it. We need to do something about this. [IMPORTANT] "Read Above" It was a great hotel, however the "Everything included" is unfortunately false. You must pay for wifi which is $12 for a day. Also gotta pay for towels if you lose them, $20. When playing mini-golf, if you lose the golf ball that's another $10. You also have to pay $5 or 3,900¢ for playing at the pool table for an hour. Now for the gym, if you don't have tennis shoes you cant work out. Which is a typical rule I for say. For children wanting to work out, they must be with a adult with them at all times. Gym is open from 7am to 7pm. For sports there's a lot of options, some of these include Basketball, Football(Soccer), Mini-Golf(As mentioned before), Tennis, Ping-pong and the list goes on. The waitress's are very kind and will assist you with anything necessary. The food was wonderful, they got many options and I'm sure you'll find something that you like (Basically the Golden Corral of Costa Rica). Most restaurants are mainly in a outside-like atmosphere, the Japanese restaurant has a very nice indoor atmosphere. Hotel rooms consists of 2 rooms, cable TV, bathroom, back porch with a cloths hanger outside and other small but useful quarks.