Kim Ware
Royal Caribbean International - Monarch of the Seas Royal Caribbean International - Monarch of the Seas
Miami, Florida
"Kim Ware"
I have cruised on RCI before and had an outstanding experience hence why I booked again. This time was utterly disappointing. We had issue after issue and still to this date have NO resolution. We complained while on the ship and all the staff seemed burned out and frustrated to have to deal with customers at all. For this review I will focus only on the interactions I have had in regards to calling RCI directly. I was fully charged for ALL of my onboard spending and it cleared the bank the day after we returned home. As of today (5 days later) Royal Caribbean has put another set of holds on my account for the same amount that they have already been paid. I have called 4 times, been hung up on once for use of profanity which I did not do (they can listen to the recording to verify), I was told there is nothing they can do on 2nd phone call, I was refused to speak with a supervisor on all 3 phone calls where I was connected and on the 4th call I was hung up on again with the representative telling me I cannot speak to anyone else other than her and she will email a supervisor but there is no guarantee I can talk to them. We tried a 3 way call with the bank who told RCI that the error was on their end and confirmed I was charged twice. Bank told RCI to reverse the charges and they refused to do so, told me I had to wait for standard procedure to release the funds on the 2nd set of charges and that would be 3-5 business days. They are holding over $800 that they have already been paid and refuse to do anything else to get that money returned. I have never been treated so poorly and if this was the only issue maybe I could be a bit more understanding but the ongoing issues are crazy and the fact that I can't pay my bills now that I'm home because they charged me twice is simply unacceptable. I would not recommend this cruise line to anyone looking for a great vacation and superb customer service as Royal falls short all the way around.