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Jul 6 '18 at 16:46

The Steakhouse at Fitz

Cheri Beck
There should be negative stars. Had to pick one to be able to post. Stayed there for one night in a room on 1st floor room 161 and the window did not lock. Had a wonderful time and enjoyed the facilities. Checked out next morning by handing my room keys to woman at checkout desk. Did not get receipt. Big mistake. Noticed my account being charged. Called on Thursday just after noon. Talked off and on between them and my bank. Was still being charged for my room. Was told that I was still in the room. Finally on Friday my ghost(haha) went out the window. Yes, room was found locked with the window wide open. I cursed a few people trying to straighten this out. I am BANNED because I didn't like my debit card being used without explanation nor permission. And I CURSED. My question when I called on Thursday why was that room not checked?...... Why was I not told that room was locked and chained? Was window checked on Thursday?,....... Was I SAFE here???????