Joshuasweetendotcom Sweeten
Pete's 881 Club
San Rafael, California
"Joshuasweetendotcom Sweeten"
Absolutely WONDERFUL PLACE. Treated like I owned the place. Wasn’t rushed, didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. Walked from downtown since everything was closed or crowded. Walked right in took a sit and had a meal with a few brew... I don’t like beer from what I taught but a good friend bought me PBR. It goes great with the triple stack grill cheese. The was nothing but good vibes and good energy here. If you have the TIME, you go here. If you are in a rush... don’t come here bro. It’s not for you cause they work so hard to keep this place awesome like it is. I forgot your name man, I don’t drink much but I know your birthday is September 11th, I appreciate the hospitality. Tell your partner, I hope the tip helped, cause he sure helped me. Awesome place.