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Jul 12 '18 at 0:19

DON'T COME HERE!! I can go into detail but let me begin with a quick over view for the people who do not want to read long reviews. They have roaches, electrical problems, cold and hot water issues, their roofs leak, only if you say in a higher level will you get decent liquor. The check in process is a nightmare. You can't get into any resutrants without long pants and close toes shoes which they never told us about. So to begin the check in process is about 2 hrs in total or more depending if your room is ready or not and our party of 12 got there after 3pm so they should have been ready but weren't. If you stay in the royal level like we did you have to check in at two different places which is a waste of time. The royal level is supposed to be a lot better accommodations and service but really wasn't. They didn't tell us we could only get premium liquor at one bar by the beach that closes at 6. So if you want to hang at the main pool and drink with your all inclusive package you had to walk about 10 minutes to that specific bar. Now being royal gives you access to everything including the bars All over the resort but they have really bad liquor and don't even give you the option for premium liquor. Remind you they give you a wrist band with different colors showing your different levels, so even with the royal level you could not get premium liquor. Now since it's Dominican Republic you want to hang in the pool and drink since they have a pool bar but.... They run out of liquor in the middle of the day and say they can't more..so since you are now wet you go to one of the other bars they refuse you service because your wet... But isn't this a resort based on a tropical paradise where people will be in the pool or the beach yet we cant get drinks wet. Now that you had so much to drink you go off to eat and you can't eat at certain restaurants without long pants or closed shoes. Even in the all you can eat buffets they have a dress code. By this time you want to relax maybe get changed you go in your room and your lights don't work. Half of my lights in my room didn't work and to top it off I seen little roaches in my bathroom..yuck. I was also there is with a party of 12 and some of them with had no hot water or no cold water or when it rained it rainined in my uncles room. When we spoke to the resort staff they sent someone that was it. When they asked if I would come back to the resort I said no I'd come back to DR just not here and they said yes come back just not here. Oh BTW.. The Jacuzzis are not even hot only the one on on your balcony it's not worth the money..stay away