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Restaurant @ Royal Caribbean International - Vision of the Seas
"Nikhil Ramaprasad"
While this place is incredibly fancy and has fantastic food, I am sad to say that the steak was just not up to my expectations. I asked for my steak medium well, and it was at MOST medium rare if not rare. It was somewhat bland as well. What really set this up to be a four star rating was the sides. Having fantastic lobster mac and cheese (wish there was more lobster though, not much in there), extremely creamy mashed potatoes, tender, yet crunch sautéed broccoli, creamed spinach, and a crispy exterior, tender and soft interior bread, was all fantastic. Those items were incredibly tasty and melt-in-your-mouth. The mussels with chili sauce were good, but seemed to not be that fresh. The desserts were completely worth the entire meal. Delicious mini cinnamon doughnuts with raspberry dressing, cheesecake with an Oreo crust, fantastic dark chocolate coffee cake, and key lime pie all were delicious in their own ways. None was worse than the other. Definitely get desserts when you come. Overall, really good experience and would come back again solely for the sides and desserts.