Big Vic's Pub & Grub Big Vic's Pub & Grub
Restaurant @ Rising Star Casino Resort
"Doug Taylor"
There were 7 in our group attending the Friday night seafood buffet which was horrible. Pasta with dried chicken and too much cream with cheese sauce. First piece of Prime rib was good the second was cold and greasy. Pork chops setting in a bowl of grease. Under cooked shrimp, oysters not big enough to know they were oysters. At times a 20 minute wait for crab legs. Poor selection of deserts, too many out, ice cream machine running on empty or slow. Good thing we had comps for 4 of the 7 but $100 for the other 3, ridiculous. I've had better meals at Golden Corral for a lot less money. Will not be returning for a while, second visit in two weeks, last weekend not much better.