Jr Wink
Yakama Nation Legends Casino
Toppenish, Washington
"Jr Wink"
Really nice Casino. When I signed up to get my player card, I spun a wheel and won a buffet. My husband won a nice t-shirt. So I saved my buffet for this Thursdays Seafood buffet and it was amazing. There was a party of 14 ahead of us and I was thinking oh boy I bet they will run out of the crab legs. I could not have been more wrong and they kept loading. Wish I would have taken a picture. The buffet is absolutely huge, the largest I have ever seen. Selena was our waitress and that girl just had a smile on her face every time I saw her. I just love that when I see someone that seems to really love their job. In fact everyone in the casino was so friendly. In particular the guy that was working the keno and a lady that was maybe the Pit Boss (if that's what they are called), introduced herself and shook our hands. Both times that I was there, I needed help finding a particular slot machine and when I asked for help, they actually took me straight to the machine. Just the friendly customer service made it a particularly great experience.