Man O' War Room Man O' War Room
Restaurant @ Aqueduct Racetrack
"Quaisha Thornton"
The Multiplex has come a long way. I remember when there was no movie theater and I had to go to Queens Blvd or Lindenwood in Brooklyn. The seating is like stadium seating. Comfortable chairs, not very reclined. Space between rows. Kept very clean. Staff is always around. Security is as well. Only one concession stand area out of 2 is open every single time I visit. The prices are high so I always bring outside food. I have never seen the other concession stand open therefore making the lines even longer with only having 3 lines. My biggest problem is that when the escalator breaks down, which is most of the time, it stays down for quite some time. The elevator is very small and hot. Could use an AC in there. The bathrooms definitely could use more cleaning around the clock. The movie theater does suffer from non-patreons constantly blocking some entry ways into the theater. Young people would stand near the front doors or inside before getting to the escalator or elevator. Also, some would sit at the bottom of the steps blocking patrons from coming down the stairs. The front area can use security and lock certain doors from being used, have signs that says no hanging out in front of establishment. It drives down the quality of the theater. Overall, its a very good experience.