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Restaurant @ Nisqually Red Wind Casino
"Kathy's White"
Red Wind Casino used to be a favorite place to visit,but in last couple of weeks,machines were put down for routine maintenance,and you can't win a dollar or get free spin bonuses since then. Update: Decided to give Red Wind benefit of doubt and try their slot machines again. Noticed a lot of people trying Triple Dragon and no one was getting free spins on bets from 1.25 to 5.00,and if it paid during game,it was really really low....very strange behavior out of all these machines in the smoking section,and patrons seemed disgusted. I played a variety of slots,$ 200 I brought with me,I won none. Other people in casino were saying that Red Wind got several new slot machines in and they felt that because of this,patrons chances of winning are narrowed down to pay for these upgrades? That's their opinion,not mine.But I will say,I was disappointed that my $200 went crazy fast.....