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Jun 18 '18 at 3:47

Diamond's Diner

I've been coming here for years on business trips passing through. I used to love coming here. But this time I was trying to enjoy myself and wind down and I was smoking my tobacco pipe and the lady in charge told me I had to put it out because there's no cigar smoking... cigar smoking I asked. . I told her this is not a cigar this is a tobacco pipe. She said it was the same thing which is not true. What casino in the world besides this one won't let you smoke cigars? I guess the ones who don't have high rollers is the sum. Plus I didn't have a cigar. It was a tobacco pipe.. not a blunt. Not a swisher sweet. Not a Black and Mild. I'm too old for this type of treatment and control. What has this country become? The hotel is nice though. A little dated but accommodating. Inside corridors and security on site. The diner inside the casino is always pretty good. Very reasonable prices and consistent. I don't usually post reviews but I wanted to share my experience because I feel like she didn't take the time to consider what I was doing and threw me in the pot with everyone else that she issues with when it comes to the rules of smoking on the carpet in the smoking rules that are posted says no cigar smoking.. it doesn't mention anything about pipe tobacco. I feel like she made that rule up on the Fly. I've seen that type of stuff all my life. Sad.