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Jul 13 '18 at 3:32

I have done more dinning in this establishment than gambling. I would love to see them enlarge the floor space to give room for more dinning. A second story or aparking garage and the addition of twice the amount of square footage on there now single story business. Would also make space for more games especially more black jack games. I would love to see them multiply the amount of black jack tables by 5. For a total of atleast ten tables with no less than one 5$ table of black jack at all times. I would also like to see a remodel of the women's restrooms at least. I don't know what the mens looks like. But, Dammm. Do something with the women's facilities at the very least. I guess other than the need for more room, more black jack and a seriously needed updating facelift remodel, I love the Oaks and there people.