alyssa Amundson
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"alyssa Amundson"
We were recommended to the Aria Hotel and Casino as I am doing now to anyone who wants to know! The Hotel is amazing and, the service is outstanding. We were lucky enough to have checked in with Jessica. All I know is her first name. I can't thank her enough for helping us to have the very best hotel experience of our lives. We wanted to change one of our rooms to have 2 double beds, vs 1 king. Jessica looked for awhile and then asked if we wanted to upgrade to a 2 bedroom suite for actually, less money. It was available and we were thrilled! A penthouse suite with your family was just incredible and the absolute best thing that could have happened to celebrate our son's 21st birthday. No wonder the Aria is rated so high, and recommended so often. Word of mouth is the very best advertisement there is for any business. It's free, it's continuous, and it works. Why not provide the very best room available should it be possible, so guests rave about their experience? Aria Hotel and Casino, and beautiful Jessica at the front desk, so smart, so classy and so kind. Thank You So Much! We will be back! Best Wishes to You, The Very Best Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas!