The Spread Buffet The Spread Buffet
Restaurant @ JACK Cleveland Casino
"Darren Jablonowski"
For what they charge for there food you would expect some real good food...WRONG!!! There food is as lousy as there service and it must be a trend because the drinks are bottom shelf for top dollar. You can have a good time if you don't get out often or have low standards. The Jack is disappointing in so many ways..i do go often but that's only because I like to gamble and living in Cleveland you really don't have a choice and that's the saddest part because it's the only casino for hundreds of miles and they do Ohioans like this..its the Cleveland Brown's as a Casino..they do us like this because we'll still come..i expect more but like a true Clevelander i get let down! It's really hard to have a good time there because even if you lose some money you should at least be able to eat some good food. Why can't we get are moneys worth in Cleveland !