RW Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar RW Prime Steakhouse and Wine Bar
Restaurant @ Resorts World Casino New York City
"Claritza Nunex"
Used to be a great casino. No longer the same. They’ve gotten 2 greedy now. They are going to have to start paying up or they are going to end up with an empty casino. All those machines are RIGGED, sometimes it feels like someone else is playing it for you. If any machine is even paying any money out of the sudden it breaks down for no reason or if you hang around long enough it will take you for everything you have plus more and no matter how much you put in it you will never make any money out of this place if you do they will follow you around until you leave it all back to them. Before, they used to give free play without you spending any money which was great, nice incentive to bring you in, now you have to spend at least $50 to $100 to get just a few bucks. I Don’t recommend this place. Most people leave this place as if they just came out of a funeral that’s how bad it is.