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Jun 19 '18 at 4:00
Mary Anne
This is hands down my favorite restaurant in the downtown Las Vegas Area. The service, as well as the food are always excellent. As for favorite item on the menu, I don't have one as everything I have ever ordered has been very well done. I would recommend making reservations, especially on the weekends, or when the Smith Center has a performance. Which, by the way, they have special menu selections for if you choose to make a whole night out of the theater experience having dinner before the show. As for parking, the best option if you are able to walk a little ways is to park in the Downtown Grande parking lot on Ogden and cross the street. Remember to bring your parking ticket with you as they will validate your parking when you pay your check. As for price, most of the prices are towards the higher end of the mid range as far as restaurants go, but by no means outrageously high. For the quality of food, atmosphere and service you receive it is a bargain.