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Jul 2 '18 at 22:53

Carnegie's Dining Car

Check in was easy, they mixed up my reservation and switched me from the casino tower to the family Promenade tower. It sucked for me because my leg isn't really good so that walking hurt. I got to the room and my shower was still dirty so i ended up cleaning it myself! the next day we left the service sign for the made. she just vacuumed and dusted around some of the trash on the counter. she didn't do her job but still took her tip. Now as for the Casino itself if you play on the tables. WATCH YOUR DEALER they constantly kept sweeping off my bets from roulette The winning bets i may add. So i was doing wonderful on Roulette until the dearer cheated me out of my winning!!! i kept betting on the same numbers and a few split bets so when my number hit naturally i was excited however because one of the other players bumped my chip and made it barley touch the line, They called it a split bet. and Everyone on the table even got upset because they knew i always bet the number!! so beware. Most likely going to have to switch casinos and hotels!!! And when i go it's a family vacation. this time it was almost 30 of us!!!!!! so we all decided no more TROPICANA