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Restaurant @ Trump Taj Mahal Casino Resort
"Selva Gonzalez"
I have a Rock Royalty Wild Card which I received on opening day. That came with 2 tickets to see Howie Mandel. I love Howie Mandel and was very excited to go see his show. I received notification via e-mail for the showing yesterday for the showing of 7/2 and 7/3/18. I went on vacation yesterday out of State, so I cannot go to the shows this week, or in one or two days assigned. So, I called the Casino and spoke to a girl there. She was not helpful, non caring about my situation stated those were the days assigned and she could not change them. I explained that I really wanted to see the show, if he was going to have more shows later on could they give me a different day. She was very stern in stating no, no, no, to everything. I thought that as a Rock Royalty I would have a better service from the Casino, but I guess that was not the case and for now I will stay going to the Golden Nugget which I am a Chairman Card holder and they treat me with respect and are more loyal and flexible with their guests like me. If your service doesn't improve for your other guests holding Rock Royalty cards and above your stay open in AC might go under do to poor service. I have seen many here close for the same reason, poor guest service, if we don't go, you will have to go.