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Jul 17 '18 at 13:48
Paid 35$ for ribeye. Worst steak ive ever eaten. And im a cook. Meat itself was cut great. Whoever was cooking the night i was there. Needs to be replaced. Service took forever, and there was three people in the restaurant. Not only the steak but the butternut squash pasta terrible. My meal totaled 94$ before tip. My companion was right out of hospital. We were starving. He went to the room. So i got it to go. Got to room could not believe how bad the food was. Only thing i could eat was baked potato. Which was supposed to be loaded. I asked before leaving if there was plenty of butter and sour cr. No extra. very little on it. No napkins or silverware. I took the 35$ burnt steak back. They tried to give me another. There was no way i wanted another. Sure it was same cook. Wanted my money back. They told i couldn't get my money back they'd close the ticket. Unbelievable! Never heard of such! B.s. They were rude! Then suggested i give them another different card to refund it to. So i did. Got my bank statement finding i paid for it again. They charged my companions card then charged mine too. Will never eat there again!