Aiden Weber
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"Aiden Weber"
I stayed in the Mirage's most luxurious room: the 3-bedroom villa suite, with courtyard. The rooms are nice but the service is atrocious. My friends and I left some precious items behind in our room and called immediately after leaving to ensure our items could be returned to us. The butler service confirmed finding our items, with detailed descriptions and ensured us they would be returned promptly. After that conversation, the items never arrived, nor did the staff follow up. So several weeks later, I called again to check on the status of my items. The staff then lied, denying ever having them. After talking to several staff, they finally admitted to having had the items, and no longer had any kind of record as to where they were. One staff member slipped that they were mailed to a previous, erroneous guest. They said they would try again to recover the items and call me back. A week later, they still hadn't called to give me an update so I called again. I again had to navigate their denial of ever having had the items. Finally the manager admitted that they lost the items, that they have no record of where the items are, and further, that despite acknowledging all blame, that they would offer no form of compensation for the items beyond credit with their hotel, which I will never stay at again.