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Restaurant @ Princess Cruises - Pacific Princess
You've sat down, you're getting anxious. The anticipation is killing you. You have been transported into a carnival, the drink menu wets your tounge. Your taste buds are itching for the sweet spirit. You started an internal civil war; you want the Classic corn Unicorn dog........ But the deliciousness and lustful desires for Magi-corn dog. The battle lasts for what must be eons. Your friends stare at you...ravenous, yet their source of sustenance is on hold until you decide. You. Must. Decide. But your stomach has interrupted the council of gastronomy. LET'S GET BOTH. The council, exhausted from the endless battles on what to limit yourself to. You should have listened. They fell for the devil in sheep's clothing; the stomach has set you down the path of too much food. You get the Tots, along with two Dogs. Classic and Unicorn. The council would not understand their decisions would ruin generations after this. With this, I have banded forces with the councils across the land. To spread an important message. We are, The 'ONE DOG IS ENOUGH' Alliance. TL;DR One Dog is enough. Trust me. Or do it anyways, I'm not your parent.