Señor Frog’s Restaurant & Bar Señor Frog’s Restaurant & Bar
Restaurant @ Treasure Island
"Lorenzo Ruiz Castro"
We have been looking forward to visiting Señor Frog's since our last visit (New Year's eve.) We finally were able to come and enjoy a meal. the atmosphere was very hype. we were seated indoors next to the bar. Our server Vania rocked. she was very attentive and quick with service. Unfortunately the rest of the restaurant didn't match her enthusiasm. the food was bland. I ordered the pulled pork sandwich but the lighting made my plate look like I was eating something in a pool of blood. corn on cob had no taste. The other server looked like she checked out,(see blue arrow) she kept sitting across the room, folding her hands and throwing a pity party, totally killed the vibe. prices were average. Unfortunately, sitting next to bar, I had young party goers constantly bumping me and yelling in my ear. If the food was decent I could easily overlook that. Ambience was cool tho.