Shanghai Shanghai
Restaurant @ MSC Cruises - MSC Orchestra
"Shirley Nurse"
Their service is excellent. The staff members really take care of you the second you show up in your cab. Their navigators took our bags since their check-in lobby is on the 4th floor. I would definitely request for room service for a towel or extra soap because they have this robot that makes all the room service deliveries and yes, it knows how to take the elevator! The room is super spacious and comfortable. We did had an issue with our shower as it was only disbursing boiling hot water but they took care of that right away! A fair warning, if you are planning to have breakfast (buffet style) at the hotel, decide during check-in because it gets ridiculously expensive at the door. I forgot how much it was (both prices). Below is a view from the room we stayed at. The Yu Garden metro (exit 3) is across the street from the building.