Waterside Café Waterside Café
Restaurant @ Rampart Casino Resort at Summerlin
"Sarah Wenger"
Did not live up to JW reputation. The grounds were beautiful but poorly maintained. Pool was dirty, poolside chairs old and covered with bird droppings. There were several young, inexperienced staff just standing in the main entrance not ensuring the customer experience. We sat at the pool for a few hours without staff asking if we would like anything from the bar. When my husband went to the bar, he ordered food, 2 drinks and waters and carried them back without any staff offering to help. The spa was over priced and dirty, with used band-aids on side tables, making the $330 for 2 deep tissue massages even more unjustified. Staff at check in was amazing but there was only one person in the lobby, creating a line. We had a overall nice experience but not JW nice. If we hadn't won our free stay in an poker tournament, we would have spoken to management about a significant reduction in fees.