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Jun 26 '18 at 3:02

The Bountiful Buffet

Biggs4Life 530
The service wasn't that great, it was very dull and not lively or happy nor was it consistent with the upstairs steak House or buffet. I enjoyed the food at the cafe but I do think there could be some major changes with staff. If I was managing the cafe, things would be changed dramatically starting with the attitude of staff members and overall atmosphere. I shouldn't have to hear the complaints of a staff member about their love life while I'm eating and have a server that is so monotone and boring that I would bet he hated his job and was underpaid. Overall I'm giving it a 4 due to the food staying above average. I will continue to come here every now and again but they would have me coming over far more often if they changed things. Also, promote your take out options...that could account for huge sales for your cafe it would be 50% ++ easily.