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Jul 11 '18 at 18:31

I love all things Hard Rock! The Hard Rock Hotel,& the Hard Rock Cafe. I loved 'Raiding The Rock Vault' show we saw there. I did have a bad experience in room #1402. The bathroom lights were too dim. I went to the restroom around 5am and ran face first into the 'invisible' glass bathroom door. I heard a very loud pop inside my nose and had a hard time getting it to stop gushing blood. Security was really nice and stayed with me for a while. My nose was bleeding and swelling, so, they called an ambulance and sent me to the ER to see if I broke my nose. Please fix the lighting in the bathrooms and tint the glass and put designs on both sides of the door so nobody else gets hurt. I did enjoy great service and was amazed at all the rock memorabilia and pictures.