Starbucks Starbucks
Restaurant @ Lake Tahoe Horizon Casino Resort
"Justine Folk"
I work here, let me say for starters, but I've worked and visited other Starbucks and have only been to a select few that are as friendly, proactive, and quality-based as this one. I come here even on my day off because I just love them so much. I don't have this relationship with or enjoy seeing anyone else I've worked with in my life. They put the customers first, always, never have bad attitudes and the beverages are better/ more consistent than any other Starbucks in the area. ( Even when I'm being nit-picky about my drink because I'm a Barista and I'm needy ). I couldn't be more happy to work with or be served by this Starbucks and it has quite frankly spoiled me for any other bux or coffee shop. Good job guys.