Cutter's Sports Bar Cutter's Sports Bar
Restaurant @ Jena Choctaw Pines Casino
"Smart Moni"
The high roller machines are mainly the ones that you have a slim chance of hitting a jackpot. The other machines are for show (unless you are their preferred player)...hmm. Anyway, remember this: JC casino is a class two casino that has the appearance of a class three. This means the machines uses bingo/ a pattern to determine wins. Although lately I have noticed that the bingo card will be filled in (meaning you should win something) yet you will either get nothing or a so-called win of less than you are playing with. In addition, I have noticed that a good bingo card in bonus does not necessarily mean that you will yield much profit. I honestly feel that each numbered machine may have a coordinating number panel in the security office where they turn on/off the machines they do or don't want you winning on. This casino in my opinion suck. The only reason they still have business is because they are closer then other casinos. Smdh